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30 March 2012 @ 11:46 am
Love From Drama  
Title:Love from Drama
Couples: Key/Jinki (more to come)
Rating:G (for now)
Looks: Ring ding dong
Chapter: one/?

In Kim Jonghyun's eyes (and most of the schools) Park Jaebum (Jay) Is the hottest boy at Primadona All boys school. Jonghyun has been crushing on the all around hottie for a while, so what will happen when there thrust into the spot light together. Friendship or something more.

Omo he’s looking at me , Park Jaebum is looking at me....HOLY SHIT WHEN DID I TURN INTO SUCH A FAN GIRL.
Jjong thinks to himself as the Teacher blabbers on about god knows what, Out of the corner of his eye he can see his so called best friend Kim Kibum (Key) Smirking at him. Jonghyun quickly moved his eyes from Jay to the floor blushing red causing key to smirk more.
When they were left to their own devices Key corned Jjong.
“You like him.”
Key said from behind Jjong making the elder jump.
He asked trying to remain calm.
“Don’t play dumb, you know who, you like Jay hung.”
Jjong blushed bright red.
“N...n...no I don’t.”
“Then why are you blushing?”
Key smirked. Jay decided that then was a good time to come over. He slung an arm around Jjong's shoulders smiling at the two boys.
“What are we talking about?”
He asked smiling happily, Jjong was frozen under the others touch.
“Just about work right Jjong?”
Jonghyun saw Key was out to destroy him.....or that’s how it was in his head any way. He looked up at Jay and opened his mouth to answer but no sound came out.
“You ok there dongsae?”
Jay asked looking worried. Jonghyun's face flushed bright red, he managed a soft.
Jay laughed making Jonghyun’s insides go all funny causing him to smile.
“Hi to you to. Hey has any one ever told you, you look like a dinopuppy?”
Jonghyun went to answer but Key beat him to it.
“What the fuck is a dinopuppy?”
He asked looking at Jay like he was an idiot. Jay shrugged eyes still locked with Jjong’s.
“I don’t know but whatever it is I’m sure it’s cute.”
Jjong practically melted.
Did he just call me cute? PARK JAE BUM JUST CALLED ME CUTE!
He squealed causing everyone in the room to look at him. He could have died right there and then.
“That was out loud wasn’t it?” He asked looking at Key who nodded trying not to laugh.
“Oh god I’m going to die”
He ran out the room dead embarrassed.
“Wait Jjong.”
Jay called moving to go after the other only to be stopped by Key.
“Leave him you are the last person he wants to see after that.”
He sighed and nodded. He knew Key was right but that didn’t stop him wanting to chase after the other boy.

Jjong ran to the bathrooms slamming the door behind him, He wasn’t angry or upset just embarrassed. Very very embarrassed. He took a few deep breaths and splashed some warter on his face.The door opened and Taemins head popped in.
“You ok hyung?”
“Embarrassed as Fuck but yer im ok.”
Taemin smiled and stepped in closing the door behind him.
“Its not that bad hyung. I'm sure his fan boys have done worse then squeal at him for no reason. Why did you squeal at him any way?”
Taemin asked looking questioningly at the other as he jumped onto the bench. Jonghyun sighed and ran a hand threw his hair, leaning his back on the bench.
“Well while him and Key were talking I was kinda spazzing in my head...”
“About what hyung?”
He blushed and looked at the ground.
“Oh come on hyung we all know you like him.”
Jonghyun's head shot up and he looked shocked.
“Your not very good at hiding it you know? Your always watching his performances and shows, and his music to. When you do you get this stupid grin or love struck look about you. Its cute actually.”
Jonghyun Blushed a bright shade of red.
“Am I that obvious?”
Taemin nodded and Jonghyun groaned.
“Do you think Jay hyung knows?”
“No. He just thinks your shy and cute, But he will think you like him if you don't get your butt in there and stop fan boying”
He knew Taemin was right, he would just have to control him self a little better next time. He held out a hand to Taemin to help him down and the other happily took it slipping down off the bench. They walked hand in hand back to the room, No one really looked up when they entered except Minho, who glared at there joined hands.
“Whats going on with you and Minho?”
Jonghyun asked softly as they slowly came in. Now it was Taemins turn to blush.
“Nothing hyung.”
He said quickly and let go of Jonghyun's hand running over to sit with Minho and a few other boys who were there.
Key waved him over from were he was sitting with Jinki. As Jonghyun made his way over Key slipped into Jinkis lap so Jjong had room to sit down.
“So drama class turned out to be more eventful then you hopped.”
Jonghyun poked out his tongue.
“Shut up, did you find out what part your going to go for yet?”
Key shook his head.
“Ill stick with make up artist, Its what i'm good at.”
That was more then true, Key was a diva and the girlist person in the whole school.Which Isn't hard when your in an all boys school.
“Jays going for the main part you know?” Key said slyly.
“So go for the other lead, It will you a chance to get closer to him.”
“He doesn't like me.”
Key scoffed and gave him a are-you-for-real look.
“I hear there's a kissing scene between the two mains.”
Jinki added helpfully as he watched his friends talk.
Key clapped smiling .
“OK its settled your going for the main, Ill go sign you up now.”
“Wait what? What if I refuse?”
Key sent him a look that could kill and continued across the room to sign Jonghyun up. He turned to Jinki.
“Im screwed arnt i?”
“Well you can look at it two ways, 1. Its a chance to get closer to Jay and maybe get your man or 2. You can See it as your screwed and never get the chance to know if he likes you.”
Jonghyun stared at him.
“When did you get so wise? “
“When all you can do is shut up and listen you learn a few things. “
He smiled and pulled key back into his lap when the younger came back over.
“What are we talking about?”
Key asked and Jinki smiled kissing his cheek.
“How beautiful you are.”
Key grinned.
“Mmm why did you stop then keep going.”
He smirked and the other two laughed. Jonghyun stretched.
“So whats this play about any way?”
“I don't know some romance crap, they were talking about rewriting it a bit to make it a gay love story.”
Jonghyun stared at him.
“Your kidding right?”
Key shook his head and Jinki hid his giggles , as Jonghyun groaned Taemin skipped over closely followed by Minho.
“Umma told us your going for the other lead hyung, How exciting. “
He grinned and looked at Minho.
“Minho and I are going for parts to, just smaller ones, but were sure you'll get it.”
Jonghyun smiled at them and mumbled a thanks.