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26 March 2012 @ 04:02 pm
[Eng][PG-15] First Time In The Library [wS-Ai]  
Title:  First Time In The Library
Author:  choi_minju
Rating:  PG-15 (so far for swearing language)
Genre:  romance, comedy, yaoi, fluff, AU
Pairings:  Jay Park x Jonghyun Kim, side!KeyBer, JongTae, & noonakiller!Minho
Word Count:  ???
Summary:  A struggling music major student is having trouble with conforming in a new location.  Romance blooms, despite the awkward encounters and random occurrences.

[A/N:  I told you all on my journal that I was gonna do it, and I'm doing it.  I even have the banner, fuck yeah.  But, now I have to change the fucking banner because of SHINee's latest comeback, Jay's latest comeback, and an additional pairing(s) to follow up into the story.  I'm twistin` it, bitches! lol]

Chapter 1:  Silent Mornings          Chapter 2:  Rainy Noons

Chapter 3: Sunny Afternoons )
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