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17 February 2012 @ 10:54 pm
[Eng][PG-15] First Time In The Library [wS-Ai]  
Title:  First Time In The Library
Author:  choi_minju
Rating:  PG-15 (so far for swearing language)
Genre:  romance, comedy, yaoi, fluff, AU
Pairings:  Jay Park x Jonghyun Kim, side!KeyBer, & noonakiller!Minho
Word Count:  ???
Summary:  A struggling music major student is having trouble with conforming in a new location.  Romance blooms, despite the awkward encounters and random occurrences.

[A/N:  I told you all on my journal that I was gonna do it, and I'm doing it.  I even have the banner, fuck yeah.  Ah, and credits to go to me on this story and banner.]

Chapter 1:  Silent Mornings

Chapter 2:  Rainy Noons

Maintaining a scholarship in academic level was what seemed important for Jonghyun at the moment.  Sure, he had fun last week with endless text messages from Jay and the "date" that they had on Friday.  But, that was then and this is now.  Jonghyun started focusing on his math project in the library, specifically the 2nd floor where the shared study tables are.

The tri-blonde man couldn't help but reminisce on what happened on Friday, though.  For some strange reason, without Jonghyun giving Jay any hints, the latter seemed to know where he lived.  Jonghyun opened the door lazily, at 7a.m., to find Jay smiling at him in front of Key's house (Jonghyun was granted to live with Key after transferring to his university).  The man with the blonde mohawk had snickered upon seeing Jonghyun's messy hair and attire, which was of Tinkerbell pajama bottoms and a gray wifebeater.  The latter blushed and immediately went to go change while Key and his family entertained Jay with stories about Jonghyun's childhood.  The said man whined after he was done changing, hearing "Oh, look!  Jjong was 13 here, back when I first met him!  He used to wear these cute glasses and dinosaur-printed t-shirts - "

"KIM KIBUM!"  Jonghyun roared, which made everyone else laugh as they all noticed his rosy red cheeks blushing.  Jay politely said goodbye to Key's family as he dragged Jonghyun out to his car.

"You know, you've got a nice family..."  Jay started the conversation as soon as they were situated in the car.  It was amazing how Jay could speak fluently in both Korean & English, in Jonghyun's opinion.

Jonghyun smiled and shook his head, buckling up his seatbelt.  "They're like family, but not my real one, you know?"  He chuckled a bit before placing a sad smile on his face.  "Though I wish they were my real family..."

Jay decided not to pester any more about it and simply stared at Jonghyun.  The latter had worn a gray long-sleeved shirt underneath a darker gray cardigan that only had 2 white stripes around one sleeve.  He also worn dark blue style jeans, a black & green chain belt, and Nike skate sneakers - the same lower body attire he wore last time they met.

Cute, Jay thought to himself as he started the car.  This guy doesn't realize about his usage of clothing.  Which was just as well because he thought by meeting Key earlier that Jonghyun might also be the type to put his wardrobe to perfection.  Jay smiled at Jonghyun, who was oblivious to his stares, watch out the window as soon as Jay started driving on the street.

The young blonde grinned in excitement and glanced at the driver through his peripheral vision.  Jay wore a dark blue, red, and white wool sweater over a royal blue dress shirt.  He had the long sleeves folded and wore a gray beanie over his head, the blonde tip of his mohawk peaking out just a bit.  Jonghyun's eyes couldn't help but move downward to see what kind of jeans he had, when...


Jonghyun's head whipped up and he blushed as Jay laughed, catching him in the act.

"Were you checking me out?"  Jay asked amusingly.

Jonghyun pouted and blushed deeper, continuing to stare out the window.  The elder decided to stop teasing and drove down the street and made a few turns.  Five minutes later, the two ate from Church's Chicken, sharing a box of fried chicken in the backseat of Jay's 2000 White Toyota Corolla.  Jay insisted that he order for Jonghyun and that the latter should eat more so he can get more energy for class later.  Jonghyun reluctantly let him buy the food and checked the time - 8:49a.m.

"Jaebeom hyung, thank you for the mashed potatoes with gravy... and the macaroni & cheese..... and the chicken......and the hot sauce - "  Jay placed his finger on Jonghyun's lips, causing the other boy to freeze and not utter a sound.

The elder boy chuckled and shook his head.  "It's nothing, really.  It's the least I can do to show you around,"  he responded with pure sincerity.

After a good quiet breakfast, Jay drove Jonghyun straight to the university.  Since Jonghyun's math class didn't start until 11:30a.m., they took the main road and skipped the freeway, which lasted them a good hour with mild traffic.  During that time, Jay cranked his iPod in the car and used the speakers in it, rolling the windows down with a mechanic button.  They sang English songs together, like Shut Up! by Simple Plan and Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo, or it was more like Jay was teaching Jonghyun the correct lyrics to the popular songs that the younger had learned in Korea over the internet.  Once they arrived, Jonghyun checked the time on his phone.  It read 10:57p.m.

"Since your classes might end around 2p.m., how about for today I take you to a good store and then to a 'special place' afterwards?"  Jay had suggested his plans with a grin on his face.  The younger blonde couldn't help but think of how predatory the elder had sounded.  It sent bad shivers down his spine.

Who am I kidding?  I'm gay - of course he'd be like most men, who act all sweet one moment, then try to make a move on you the next, wondering how tight your hole could be around their dicks.... *sigh*

So it was no surprise to anyone (if there was anyone around campus who overheard what Jay said) when Jay looked shock once Jonghyun kept standing a few feet away from him as they walked to the Social Behavior & Science building.  Jonghyun held onto his backpack tightly with the straps and quickly ran to his classroom once a female classmate of his from math class waved for him to come quickly.

He's a bit creepy, but.... shit!  I just blew it, didn't I?!

Jonghyun grew anxious, wanting class to be over so soon so he can apologize to the elder man who had accompanied him throughout the whole morning.  Once the assignment was given out and Jonghyun made sure to have the correct numbers and pages of the textbook they had to use in the class, everyone was allowed to leave.  About fucking time, too!  He quickly packed up and made sure he didn't forget anything before bolting out the door to bis next semi-class, which dealt with Chamber Music.  Just deal with this class and go right to Jaebeom hyung in the parking lot - you can do this!  

However, his thoughts stopped abruptly once he found his next class to be empty - or to be more precise, the classroom door was closed shut, indicating that there's no in there.

Confused, Jonghyun pulled out his phone and called his music coordinator / instructor, Dr. Sooman Lee.  "Hello?  Hey, it's me, Jonghyun," he greeted in Korean.

"Oh, hello, Jonghyun-sshi!  What's the matter?"

"Is there class for Chamber Music right now?"

"Yes, there is supposed to be.  Why?"

Jonghyun stared at the closed door in front of him.  "The door is shut..." he spoke timidly.

"Oh!  Then they probably must have left early!  I'm sorry, thank you for your efforts of trying to attend this class lately, though.  And I'll have that copy of music for you & Cho Jino on Tuesday, okay?"

"Oh... okay, thank you, Dr. Lee."  He said his goodbyes and hung up.  He immediately dialed another number and pinched the bridge of his nose.

The line was picked up and a cheery "Hello?" in English hit Jonghyun's ear.

"Dr. Jinki Lee.  Why didn't you tell me there was no class?"  He gritted his teeth and asked the elder over the phone.  Dr. Jinki Lee was the new teacher that would replace Dr. Sooman Lee after the next school year.

"Jonghyun-ah, I told you to call me Onew hyung."

"Hyung!"  he yelled.

"Aish!  Yah, I'm sorry, okay?!  There weren't that many people in the class today, so I had to end the class, okay?  Plus, it starts at 12p.m.  You know that."

Jonghyun sighed.  "Yeah, I know... but I have math class and it doesn't end until 12:40p.m., the least."

"Oh, really?!  In that case, we'll wait for you next week, okay?  I'll put you down for performing part of Alma del Core in front of the class."

Another sigh.  "Okay, sorry, hyung."

"Nah, I'm the one who's sorry.  I'll see you on Thursday for repetoire lessons!"  Jonghyun agreed and said goodbye before hanging up.  That's when a light drizzle started going down on him from the sky, wetting the lens of his glasses.

Great.  Just fucking great.

Jonghyun took the stairs of the Hall building to go to the main floor and went outside once more to find his new friend.  He ran through the rain to Parking Lot D, only to find the white car gone.  Usually, there were many cars around, but not many people have classes on Fridays in the university.

Jonghyun almost whimpered, feeling a tear go down his cheek.  He can't be gone!

Feeling like he blew it, the blonde/brown boy walked through the rain and back onto the campus.  He trudged his feet through the grassy patch of field on the sidewalk and sighed, feeling depressed.  Looks like I lost another friend.... he thought bitterly as he reached the art gallery that's located below the new part of the library.

He held his head low for a few minutes, then blinked numerous times, finding a shadow on the grass appear, and in an instant, the rain somehow stopped pouring over his head.  Jonghyun slowly looked up and gasped in shock.

Jay stood in front of him with a smile on his face, though his eyes expressed concern for the other.  He currently held on umbrella up for Jonghyun and himself.

"Dude!  I've been looking all over for you!  Where have you been?!"  Jay playfully scolded at him, though he felt so worried for him.  "Did you know I drove around the campus, asking random people if they've seen you or know where your classes are?!  I was worried sick - "

Jonghyun immediately cut him off by engulfing him in a hug.  "I'm sorry.... about earlier...."  he mumbled over Jay's clothed chest, "When you mentioned 'special place'......."

"Oh."  Jay stared at Jonghyun for a bit before laughing.  I can't believe he thought I was angry at him for him assuming I'm a pervert!  "Dude, I was gonna show you Knott's Berry Farm.  It's an amusement park," he informed him.

Jonghyun looked up immediately in surprise.  "Amusement park...?" he squeaked out.

Suddenly the sun had shown up, pushing the clouds away.  The rain stopped and all Jay could see after lifting the umbrella away was Jonghyun's face glowing from the rays of sunlight.  He was mesmerized by the shorter boy's beauty.

Jay smiled and held Jonghyun's hand.  "Still want to go to that 'special place' with me?"  Jonghyun happily nodded and followed him, squeezing their hands gently in comfort.
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choi_minju: smexy Jjongchoi_minju on October 26th, 2012 07:30 pm (UTC)
You bookmarked me? o.o
Um.... thanks? Hehe~
Although that was random advertisement with the link, this story is really about a boy struggling in university and he gets caught into things. You should read more. ^^
I'll write more on this, I promise!